Parallel Lines Never Part

I know we can't ever meet up But we can't escape each other We share the places that we leave And have the same spaces in our hearts I like to think of parallel lines Not as those who never meet, But as those who never part

Best Before

I did not realise that friendship had an expiry date I will never know if it was me or you that had reached it But just so you know I would have done more Had I ever read that label      

The Couple

Part 1 When they argued they were like a broken toilet: He was full of crap and she wasn't going to let any shit go down   Part 2 She Was left with a broken heart He Was left with crumpled shirts   Part 3 She asked, should I take him back? A friend answered,... Continue Reading →

Last Wish

You asked: How would I want to be remembered? I answered: Like the sky remembers a star that dies By continuing to see its light Shining hope through the darkness and being wished upon by Those who don't know the difference I wish for my spirit to live on Through being in all I have... Continue Reading →

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