-3 I.D.

Come on, let’s go back

And get what was forgotten

It’s all gone now

It’s old and rotten

Trying to make a comeback

From my memory

But my mind is one-track

And it’s playing constantly

And it’s trying to be free



It’s the quiet ones you have to watch

Like a hawk and it’s prey

What a catch

Scavengers come out to play



I get too bored with the things I’ve begun

I’ll go to hell if heaven’s no fun

I am nothing and it’s more

Than I can ever become

It’s the world that is wrong

There’s something I’ve got to do, got to be someone

And it’s nothing more than what I can become


So there’s nothing I can’t become

If this is where I belong

Tell me if you’ve heard it before

For the same has come and gone

Now it’s time

It’s time to move on


Who knew the lungs I breathe from

Are the ones I give air to?

Day in, day out

This day has lasted ages

Now it’s time to put it to bed

But really it has no end

Circles round into the night,

Just the same, more sleep, less light

I stay awake ’cause it feels like

No-one else is





The world is mine

I could kill it in its sleep

Or watch over it all night

In peace

In my arms it will come to no harm

And I know

If it was any more or less

It wouldn’t be this

And it’s never really the end

If something else begins

And it’s pointless preaching

If there’s nothing to believe


And it’s hard to go

When you don’t want to leave

And it’s impossible to know

The right way to live

And it’s hard to stay

When you want to go away

And it’s impossible to

Forget if you cannot forgive



Let’s go back to the beginning

And get what was forgotten

There’s something I’ve got to do

Got to be someone

And it’s nothing more

Than what I can become

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