Broken Tree

Fight my way

Against the strength of a tenth of a hurricane

I’ll be picked up

And dropped at the start again

And I reach the fields

With the old broken trees

Split three times the size of me

Splinters where a bench used to be

And the old stone wall and railings torn

The river at the bottom

Has started to have swans

And I go to cross the road

As I am lost in my own thoughts

The crows take over from me

And I have never seen flowers of a brighter yellow

Than the ones I should have bought

And the light lands only in the corner of my eye

As the cars and vans wearily pass me by

The learner drivers do their 18-point turns

In synchrony

And they will kill you in your sleep

If you walk in the middle of the road

I’m walking around mud near the park

I’m taking over from the crows

And the green-brown field is dived at by seagulls

And they are floating away

On the strength of a tenth of a hurricane

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