Missing You Like Hell

I’m friends with them

To keep in contact with you

And the hardest thing I’ve had to do

Was leaving that room

To turn my back on where I wanted my future to be

I want to put my palm to yours

To stop you waving at me

Reverse it so you’re waving hello

Wish I didn’t have to go

And so, I wish you well

Though I am missing you like hell

Wish you would say what I wanted to show

Hear the words I couldn’t let your ears know

I fell for you so quickly and completely

It seems like it was yesterday

But a life-time away since I fell

And time has passed

Still I am missing you like hell

You keep me in suspense

My stomach is in knots

Your eyes are so intense

My mind is racing,

You fill it and I can’t pretend

That it’s for anyone else but you

That I’m putting myself through

This world alone, all by myself

Yet I’ve got a feeling we’ll meet again,

My life’s on hold until then

And I’ll be missing you like hell

Now the journey is nearly done

And the sun has slowly gone

The clouds are lit from below

With a soft orange glow

The road ahead is empty

And I need you to know

I would break through the sky

To reach you

If I knew where to go

Whatever it takes

I’ll switch on the stars

To light where you are

If I should find you on Earth below

I’d be up in heaven

And my smile would be the sun

And my tears would fall as rain

My arms would be the oceans

Holding the land in an embrace

Trying to reach to you again

I’d be up in heaven

But still missing you like hell

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