Now And Then

I’ve been to every corner

Of every yellow pages

Every number, every phone book

Every corner of the world

          To look

          For you

There’s still no answer,

I’ve got no further,

I’m not any closer

I know the things that reach me

Reach you too

The things that meet my eyes

Are what you see

Take a look in the mirror

To see my view

’Cause all I see is you

And though we share the same world

It pains me to say

That when you went away

You were leaving nothing

And I’m left where you couldn’t stay

So I’ve been to every bridge

Over the top and underneath

A lot of water has gone between

Now and then

I’ve followed every river

But the ocean has no end

I’m searching the world

I’ve looked in every corner

I’m crossing places off

And crossing many borders

The more barriers I break

The less I want to mend

’Cause the only time is forward and the right time is now

There’s one thing I’ve found

A lot has changed since then

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