Worlds Apart Kept At Arms Length

You say that you hold the cure

When there is no cure at all

You say you’ll steal from the rich to give to the poor

Take what’s not needed until you can’t give any more

You say that you once knew the way

But forgot where you were going

All roads lead to nowhere

And they all look the same

So there is no way of knowing

You say you knew it wasn’t love

’Cause it still was not enough

You say you like the warmth of an others heart

But once you get too close you either fall or drift apart

I jump at the mention of your name,

I know you off by heart

In my eyelids you’re engraved

Each                   apart

Of           worlds

Your     are


Every memory of you is saved

I hear your laugh when there’s no-one there

I let it fill the lifeless air

And I recognise

Your walk




I know the distance between your eyes

But I kept my distance at arms length

Because I hate to say goodbye

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