Goldfish Horizons

It’s dangerous to think I know

What you’re really thinking, and have been all this time

It’s stupid to think I know

Anything at all

Compared to the nothingness I recall

Like a goldfish in a bowl

There’s a plant…

There’s a plant

There’s a plant I’ve never seen before

Collective imagination

Multiplies I guess with numbers

Each adds to the mixture

‘Till it just won’t blend

Each tries to stitch its self inflicted wounds

So much that it won’t mend

There are too many attempts

At getting what has gone

It drives it ever further

Further away into the corner

Like a frightened dog beneath a fallen tree

So many hands offer their scent

None will comfort without ease

So far we have come along now,

Can’t remember anything before

That could have been worth living for

Content to float

Not quite in the atmosphere

Not adventuring to space

Just wasting aimlessly, and elegantly away

Here I am the real me,

I know it can take a while to see

But now you can,

You’re in the minority,

But I give everything

Everything I am

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