Neither the Time or Place

Unpress your palms

It’s not the time or place

It’s far too late

So why do you pray

When nothing could make him stay?

Hold out your hands

Give up your heart to them

Separate your palms

To let it fall again

Palms up to the sky

In asking why

Waiting for something to land in replace

Press your hands together to pray

This is not a time or place

In which I want to stay

Your head falls heavy

From the hands it rested on

As I pull away your arms

To unpress your palms

Before they stick together

Like the lies

Like the pages of the book you hold so close

All it does is help you not to know

Unpress your palms

It’s not the time or place

To have faith

In anything that takes

What you once thought was here to stay

So hold out your hands

That carry your heart

And remember back to a time

You thought it could not break

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