Out of Superstition, into the Non-Fiction

How can one person be so many things?

So cruel to be kind, at least that’s what it seems

They make you think you’re to blame

Can’t take the courage or the shame

Still, you stay

Thinking they’ll change

The person inside is too well hidden

You believe you’re the only one

It comes out for

But you’re mistaken

If it ever was, it’s not here any more

No trace of anything pure

Just disgrace of what they’re living for

It’s not you

You know, sweetheart, it’s just not you

It’s themselves or nothing, or both

Perhaps it’s one in the same

This time

You’re wrong but not to blame

You’ve wasted enough time

Now get on with everything but truth ’cause it’s all turned out to be a lie

So what can you do now?

I need to help you through

I haven’t been exactly where you are

And I guess as we put our hearts into contact and stand opposite

With your head on my shoulder, me barely holding it

I cannot see your view

But reading between the lines

Each one leads to you

They run a parallel

And I can tell each one was not made to last

And if you get out now

You stand a better chance

Of loving without a past

To shadow the future

That’s yours to grasp

I’m sorry to break it to you

But it’s themselves or nothing,

Perhaps they are one in the same

I hope you see the way it is for what it really is, and come through

I can’t promise you sun but

The clouds will be gone

To see what you will

For all the wrong reasons,

You learned to get used to feeling your heart race

For all the wrong solutions,

You let your heart be still,

Don’t let it ever stop

When it’s you I’m thinking of

Because you deserve so much more than what you’ve known before

There is love if your hands are free to pick it up and see it for what it is

Love like you’ll never lose

Love like there is no end

Or don’t love at all

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