Silence is Golden

Silver scratch card

What are you?

The number or the picture?

The nail or coin?

The side of a key…

Or are you the door?

Ignore me

It’s the done thing

Silence is golden

Especially to thieves

Promise to people or paper

Promises to yourself always get broken

Within a day

Too easily done


Consequences are ignored

Ignore me


Silence is golden

But people have too much greed

Love is golden

But is spread far too thin

And far between

Ignore me

You don’t know what I mean

It’s OK


Is the done thing

I say nothing or too much

Silence is golden

But only turns gold at the touch

Everything else just turns into dust

It turns to dust

And this is what we have done

Stand in silence

In what we have become

Think in silence

Bowing heads away from reality

As the world, in attempt to throw us slowly off, turns

Like there is nothing else it can do

But wait for us to change

When we won’t change for others

And others can’t be changed

So it waits

In shattered silence

With sealed mouth and fate

And silence is golden

But can come as golden chains

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