Too Difficult to Do or Too Easy to Say

Maybe this moment is the one we should live in

Too difficult to do or too easy to say

Modern life teaches us to take

Everything but good advice

The failure of language is my own failing

Lost inside

In feeling far too much and saying only that I do

Some answers are worthy of sharing

All questions are possible

As is relative truth

And it’s the lack of agreement that is the best answer

Nod and smile

And breathe through it trying not to either laugh or cry

Forget the points you are desperate to remember at the time

Keep a pen and notebook at hand

Your mind is never far from your hand it just needs something to write with

To find form in this physical world

Before it is lost in the wind

In one ear out the other

I will follow the thought over the hill I am climbing

Run for the hills the ice-bergs are melting

From global warming

The thought and my working it out are dragging each other

Into the hollows of trees of hibernating winter months

And as I pull my hood over my head and picture summer

I just want to be flown away from here

I will live in the moment until it is over

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