Universal Lie

This universal truth does not exist

What’s true to you is just a myth

You believe

Don’t question what you perceive

Because it’s what you see

But it’s not real

Just reality

It’s tricked us all

Victim to its trap

We live in cages

With no locks

We are scared to go into the unknown

In case we don’t come back

To the familiar that makes it that

We don’t venture

We stay safe

Something tangible only is because it remains just out of reach

When you get to it you would see

It’s not there for you to feel

All you know is all you name

All you experience

All within a frame

On which to be outside relies

And equally inside

All the fact and fiction you believe

All the false unity

The unintentional deceit

The broken we feed the impure we eat

The way we see the world

Not the mechanics of the eye

The truth you learn and teach

Is universal lies

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