Over old objects

Placed onto new projects

Interfering with the present

Longing to forget

What went unrecorded



Sentenced to inside

Once you are labelled

They will not believe you are not

Run out and scream

At the impossibility

And stupidity

You find yourself in

And they tie you tighter

‘More evidence’ they beam

Hold you at the elbows

Down corridors of sounds

Of those who cannot leave

Because they cannot leave their minds

They cannot enter mine

Their white coats are blinding

And they are too blind to see

Those who are not wrong

But are minority

Lie still

While we analyse your dreams

And rip them by their seams

Do not struggle as we

Pin point your trouble

Administer therapy

Lay down, Velcro crown

To the bed

Do not protest

We know what is best

Are here to help

Happy to help

Not help you to be happy

Do not fight us as we

Tie the sleeves

Take away the shoelaces

And buckle back the sleeves

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