You are like a broken heart

I can’t get close or you might fall apart

I walk on eggshells,

Biting my tongue

With what I can’t tell you

In case I am wrong


As I see you falling

All I want to do is catch you

And make the pieces fit

And make your eyes dry

And the corners of your mouth lift

But I don’t know how

To make you hope again

Knowing all things end

I have no answers, far less reasons

Feel so small against your demons

I hope I’m enough for you to hold onto

No one deserves what you are going through

People can’t find the right thing to say

Become another missing piece and move away

I don’t expect words can ever heal you

Still I know I have to try


Because you are my best friend

I’ll be with you ‘till the end

But we are not there yet

There’s still time left

To laugh so much we forget

What even started us

And smile just because


You may be like a broken heart

I can’t get close or you might fall apart

But I’m not afraid to walk on eggshells,

To be next to you

You can’t get rid of me

That easily

So stop trying to push me away

I am here to stay

By your side in the dark and through to the light

Like an eggshell, tough on the outside

Just to keep alive inside

It’s not a weakness it’s the need to survive


King Canute was on his own

But you and I,

We can hold back this tide


Even with our broken hearts,

We can hold back this tide

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