Cynical Realist

I may be a cynic

A cynical realist

Better than an optimist without a front door

If you get surprised by noises you need to get out more

If you get fed up of humans you’ve probably met some before

You may be a psychopath

Or a psychotherapist

I don’t want to chat so analyse this:

There are the breakers of hearts and there is news that dislocates

Nothing in itself is inherently ‘bad’

Out of all the truths it is one of many I cannot face

Wrong place wrong time, properties clash and combine

Name the un-nameable

The not quite the same-able

The ones which spread so many places they do not have a place

Categorise the categories

Make lists of all your lists

There are no more available

Jump in line no-one is unbreakable

I may be a believer

In disbelief

And I may be inconsolable

Selfish and uncontrollable

Swimming in a headache and drowning in my grief

I may be a cynic of reality

But it makes me sure there must be more than this once it has ceased

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