Train Window

I’ve been having dreams darker than the night They found themselves in On waking I cannot rid them from my mind And I dread the dawn and the news it might bring On a train before midday I ran to the platform away from where they lay As the scenery takes me from where I... Continue Reading →

The Falcon

The falcon circles and can see it all but cannot do a thing Cannot reach the Earth we know; the everything and nothing Control is spinning out and folding inwards and the bird keeps on flying To think beyond our own limits is doubt entering into them To recognise our own limits is to hope... Continue Reading →

Better Half

I’m growing weak I’m tired of trying To be someone I’m not And I’m weaker still When I’m in your arms I know that if he could have, He would have Been the one To make me be my better half He said I could be like Jekyll and Hyde And we know which was... Continue Reading →

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