Train Window

I’ve been having dreams darker than the night
They found themselves in
On waking I cannot rid them from my mind
And I dread the dawn and the news it might bring
On a train before midday I ran to the platform away from where they lay
As the scenery takes me from where I want to stay: home
And I can only hope (and pray)
That the sunlight is stronger than me and finds a way
To break though this grey
That my window frames
It cannot keep it as the world rushes past, and I know this darkness, this time, cannot last
It is hard to cross fingers while holding on,
So I just hope that the sun will be strong, and I just hope that this rain will not turn into a storm and wash away the weak
The gates are opening and something must break
Why must being alone bring such loneliness, even for two days?
Two days to wait, two days for my heart to remember being happy in case it is made to break
In two days time, it will be high time to mend, to not be afraid to dream again

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