I Want You to Know

Your heart will break

It will try to mend by loving more

But will never fill back up

But Love anyway                                                     

Your hopes will all prove wrong

Everything will be taken

However much you’d give to make it stay

Hope anyway                                                           

Your dreams will change

They will make way for reality

They will be lost to the sky and fade

Dream anyway                                                         

Do the right thing

Even if it is not the easy thing

And when you cannot forget

Forgive anyway                                                       

The clouds will try to take your sun

The rain will try to wash your tears away

And when you feel far from home

Shine anyway                                                           

The world will bring you joy and fear

And not in equal measure

Keep on head strong

Try to keep on keeping on                                     

Your happiness will be made fragile

Hard to find or keep

Like a desert rose I want you to know

To smile anyway                                                     

Your heart will try to mend

With past and present Love

And it will fill back up

If you believe Love never ends

Then there’s a way to make it stay:

Love always

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