Red, Orange, Yellow

Anthony Frost – Up Beat – Walking into Yellow

Sunlight glowing through the trees

While I am somewhere in between the devil and the deep blue sea

Somewhere in between but far enough to keep them blurred

Just long enough to fill my head with something I must read

I’ll let you borrow my signed book, keep the things we need in reach

I would follow you to the end of this Earth and I know you have the nerve

To go there or at least write of it’s ending in your eyes in the end of life

A twist in the end line, a turning blooded knife

Courtesy is contagious

The screen wants silence, please

Smooth but complex:

I am the red wine label

Describe yourself in three words

Could be better, could be worse

Without warning or reason

I am willing but unable

To lift this curse

Sustained attack of good against bad

I only wish it were as simple as that

Maybe the best place

Is the one always just around the corner

Maybe the best way is the one you haven’t thought of


It is all the same in the end to me

It all means equal, that is to say, nothing

Just one thing to make me happy right now in this exact moment

60 seconds I don’t know how it has come to that

I look up at the clouds and spire, I run until it hurts

And the swans are doubled up and blurred

Take this view and pin it to somewhere inside so I can take it with me to the finish line

Orange through the red break through, yellow through the orange break through to reach me

Like sunlight glowing through the trees

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