Moving Mountains

For Dad

Why sponsor us?

Because 1 in 3 is now 1 in 2

Because it has affected us all

Because it could be me or you

Because we need to find a cure


Because we shouldn’t have lost him at 58

And us at 24

Because I loved him every day

But should have told him more


Because bad things happen to good people

To family, strangers and friends

Because a statistic becomes someone you Love

When we heard that word again


Because I know she lives in fear too

And it will never be the same

Because there was nothing that I could do

But silence my own when I saw his pain


Because science needs a break through

As hearts break with bad news

And scars are unknown stories

Of surgeons writing miracles in haikus


Because families have empty places

Set with a candle that’s lit each year

Because I still look for him in strangers faces

And would give the world to have him here


Because he bravely witnessed

Less than a year of every changing season

Because if there were warnings then we missed them

Because there is no fairness, sense or reason


Because he would be turning 70 in September

And he won’t get to see us climb mountains

That we would move to have him back

And at the top we will remember

His smile and how he made us laugh

And we will make a promise

To all the dreams that he still had

And for those who keep on keeping on

Be strong, hope is the last thing to let go


Because our courage will not be taken by the unknown

And heights we cannot see fail to make us fall

Because through loss, Love endures

Just as the night lives for the dawn even as the sun departs

As we climb in the dark towards the infinite stars

We ask for your support,


Because too many live on in our hearts

Instead of in our arms


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