Last Summer

I wanted to show you stretched out fields kept behind gates,
To lean over them and lay within, hidden in an embrace
Take you to the breaking of the day
And spend the rest of it with you putting it all back together again
I was going to take you far away
To those places where the minutes quieten down into birdsong
And slow to a piece of long golden grass being chewed
As we squint into the scorching yellow
I know a place where the roses grow wild and tall
And never let themselves fade from their just-kissed blood-red shade
I found a patch of clover as yet untouched by Love
Shaped like a heart when seen from above
I wanted to run into the clear sky to put more blue into my eyes
I had planned to take your hand so I could feel what it was like to hold everything I wanted
And to feel I was somewhere where I belonged and did not long to be somewhere else for once

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