Come to me in silent shores In sand that is shaped By waves that soothe Under the full moon While shooting stars land in your heart Be still and remember How their light lives on Long after the night has gone And how warm the sand felt Long after the sun had departed


Find this bottle in the golden sand And see the sunlight in each grain And know It shines for every star That ever fell into the ocean Never lost its sparkle And made it to dry land again


You look at me With eyes of an empty skull A scar where Your heart used to be It wasn’t your fault You just wanted to be free But couldn’t wait So you dreamt your life away Until you could not wake You are so cold in the night air A life, a bullet So... Continue Reading →

Last Summer

I wanted to show you stretched out fields kept behind gates, To lean over them and lay within, hidden in an embrace Take you to the breaking of the day And spend the rest of it with you putting it all back together again I was going to take you far away To those places... Continue Reading →

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