26 Ways I Won’t Stop Loving You

I won’t stop loving you

Not for all the angels in the afterlife

Nor billions in the bank

Not for all the colourful clown fish of the coral reef

Not for all the doors in Georgian Dublin streets

I won’t stop loving you

Not for the exchange of everything I ever wanted for everything I have had

Not for all the fireflies dancing in the first light

Or all the grains of golden sand along Godrevy beach

Or for all the hidden smiles I keep inside my heart shaped locket

Not for all the times my icy fingers found yours in your jacket pocket

I won’t stop loving you

Not for all the jokes I told badly just to see you smile

Not for all the kisses we wrote in cards and sent across the miles

Not for all the love in all of history if it was not from you for me

Not for millions of messages in bottles missing out at sea

There’s nothing in this world, there’s no question, there’s no doubt

I won’t stop loving you

Not for all the oranges in Orlando

Nor petals in my patchouli perfume

Not for all the Queen songs sung in our car, out of time and tune

Not for those roses in a red bouquet on our best and our worst days

Not for all the standing stones up on Salisbury plains

I won’t stop loving you,

Not today, tonight or all of my tomorrows

Not for all the unspoken words and those said I wish I hadn’t

Not for all the Vivaldi violin concertos in Venice and Vienna

Not for the waiting rooms or white enveloped letters

X-rays telling him it’s too late to ever get better

All the yellow canaries yelling get me out of here for heaven’s sake and me wanting to do the same

Not for all the zig zags etched across my heart that meet to form your name

And should those lines ever cause it to break

Or cause you to walk away


I will not stop

I will never stop loving you

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