The Path of Least Resistance

Taking the path of least resistance

Through this room full of stationary feet and souls

Unmoved and unmoving

They are going nowhere fast

And I ask

What would I be gaining

If I took another path?

Denying myself all that I cannot bare to see go wasted

And craving all that I cannot have in the process

Pissing in the wind and never missing

So much second guessing but never any listening

I’m just waiting for them to break the news to the nation

That the world has stopped spinning; exhausted with frustration

I am taking the path of least resistance

Through this world gone mad

Running too wild and fast on widespread negligence of sense

And pathological measures of total dependence

Upon everything but optimism

The little that we had left has been spent

On the up-keep of false smiles

And next month’s rent

Now hope has lost all currency in the credit crunch

It’s being sold on eBay, ‘buy it now, no V.A.T.’

Alongside other obsolete junk

But we still want whatever we can take

Fill up our pockets until they break

Then buy new pockets with what fell out

Just name your price

For me to feel like I did when I was five:

To be happy without trying

Name a price

To remember even a temporary happiness

I’ll keep on searching until I’m penniless

So in goes the chip and pin, out of the mess we’re in

And at best I’m just a mess

But hush now, now that we have an object to fill up our emptiness

Something, anything to forget

And to quell the aching longing inside

What will it take

To make it subside?

Here’s a cure for your heartache,

Take one to two an hour to forget your pain

There aren’t enough hours in the day to make it go away

A lady stands with her hands in the air

And I have never seen such despair

Standing in the middle of a shop

So I ask if she is lost

And she is as lost as I ever was

Searching the ceiling for what to do next

But no one can help tell her what is best

She is looking for god knows what

The employees have many degrees in all the variations of stupidity

And they’re using it in their job

And they are taking the path of least resistance

Through their simple lives

Bright shiny things for their simple minds

And I get a sinking feeling of interdependence

There is too much mounting evidence

And despite all attempts of defiance there is an undeniable sense of reliance

In a world where gene pools are oil slicks full of drowning copies of copies

Until the print is poorly printed and bears no resemblance to the original

And I think

Of handwritten ink that’s barely dry

And I don’t know why I try to get back to the beginning

When I cannot win

Or do anything right

I am taking the path of least resistance

Through this world gone awry

Bending over backwards to barely get by

I am going nowhere fast

And never thought to ask why

And I’m right to a fault

But human error, we are told

Is not allowed

Now that we have supposedly evolved

But our kind is too old to learn new tricks

Just eat, breathe and reproduce; back to the basics

Until the world is too full to support what is on it

But I know there is more than all that exists

And I’ll buy every key in case it’s the one that will fit

The door away from here

For I know there is more

It’s in my heart every time it yearns but does not know what for

I am waiting for the impossible

Working towards the unattainable

And the landing is inevitable but the falling is unstoppable

And I find

The things that catch you are the things that make you fall

The catching and the pushing,

By the hands of a Love that knows it holds all the cards

But keeps them well hidden from both playing halves

It’s time to put down your guard

Lay your heart on the table like a jigsaw

And see the happiness you’re lacking is in the splinters and the shards

You will not find it in looking at the whole picture

But in its separated parts

You will find it in all you have left behind

And you will keep it for the rest of your life

Hold your happiness close to your misery

For most things will be taken if they are not tied to something bigger

And bring it out in times when you hate to be reminded

Modern society takes everything

Everything but good advice

It is a contortionist of the truth

And profits from the lies

It fixes what was not broken

And makes us pay the mending price

When it is us who need mending

To stop all this spending

On happiness we cannot buy

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