Love me Tinder

I look into your eyes

Until my battery dies

And I know I know

I was right to swipe right

I charge my phone up

Lie it on my pillow

So you are by my side

All day and all night

Is this the beginning of Love?

…Or how house fires start?

Either way

I felt the spark

I know I know

You found a way to my heart

I poke your profile 1000 times a day

Wish you were closer

All those miles away

Brought together on a page;

Love in a digital age

And I have never been so happy

Than the time that you WhatsApped me

I still remember the words I read,

‘cnt talk now in McDonald’s drive thru, but I want u 2 know I wuz jus finkin of u’

Oh! That was the moment I knew I knew

I Loved you

Where does this story end?

We arrange to meet up,

I take along a friend

(Play it safe on our first date)

I see you and my heart melts

More beautiful than Skype could ever capture

But you looked straight through me

Then from behind this vision of perfection

A solitary pre-teen raises an obese hand and waves

And my heart drops out my arse

The smile falls from my face

Because I should have known, I know

I made a huge mistake

I was cat-fished, I was played

You lied right to my face

You will not see the tears in my eyes

As I leave and run outside

I turn left like I should have swiped

To home

And I unplug the internet I disconnect the phone

And give up on Love finding me through wires

I know I know

It will only stop being sold

If there are no buyers

It will find me if I only stop trying

I need a Love that’s true

Not one that’s too good to be

I uninstall the APP

I press restart and recover

On me

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