I fell in Love with a person
I stayed in Love with false memories
Where he went I cannot tell
Maybe he died in my heart
Piece by piece
Maybe it held him too tightly
Until he felt he couldn’t breathe

Maybe I killed all the sweetness in him
By being my bitter self
Maybe I pushed him away
Because he was giving me space
And liked how it felt
To be free from me for a while

A long while now
You’re free from me soon
I’m going to meet the face in the moon
I just cannot live with the memory of you
Writing that you loved me back

Ghost ink only I can re-read
I fell in Love with a soul
An idea of a future pre-told
And like a lid over me
Fighting the truth with each nail
I was trapped with the truth growing cold
That maybe he never loved me at all

Never mind planets that collide
For me it felt as real
As being held by the whole universe
So tightly that I couldn’t breathe
And I never wanted to leave

And piece by piece my racing heart found its beat
So I followed it, smiling in fear
Blindly into the night
As the stars lost count of my tears

For me it felt as real
As being held by the whole universe
So tight that I fell apart in your arms
I fell apart trying to be complete

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