Blue Plaster

Stick a blue plaster on me
Show that I am broken
Bright against the coffee cup
Read it like a label
As a warning: do not touch!
Show the world
More care should have been taken


Cover up the cuts I made
Hide behind my own mistakes
I am mending
For all the times
All the times that
We all break
And want to break away


Take off this blue plaster
Hiding all my flaws
I see that it’s not weakness,
It is strength
To rebuild skin and scars
To be stronger than before
And it takes strength


Stop covering your body in cuts
To stop covering your past up
It has a special coating
So metal detectors will find it,
Buried, lost and blue
So there’s no point in hiding
Tired of fighting with the truth


You are not broken you are human
Whatever you’re going through
You don’t need fixing just need holding
Long enough to see a bigger view
How the horizon fades but never ends
When the sun sets in the ocean’s arms
The pink returns to blue

Love knows the way back somehow too
Meet me there and know that
All the pieces are not meant to be perfect
But they are meant to be you

*NB the story in this poem is not based on any experience of the author or of any real person. The brief was a unique story with a colour theme.

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