Sweetest Nature – Jason’s Moor

I dont have the words
to describe this timeless place
I can only sense you here
and nature tries its best to provide
the beauty you brought to page

I still look at the shop door to see it frame you
your nod and wave,
your voice,
your face
Your tilted ear to listen so intently
your lean-back laugh
that filled the space
between rushing hoards
and our quiet chats
spoken so kind and gently

The promised coffee sits
on your bench beside me now
we are surrounded by trees and poetry,
bare branches and things we cannot change
in this timeless place
with time I only wish I’d made

Under archways of sunlight
tall grass moves with familiar grace
It’s hard to believe you’re gone
when I will remember you forever
for in my heart I keep a letter
you drew your flowers on

Primroses open each year
and smile because they knew you
Sweetest nature never ends
in this timeless place here
you were a constant soul and friend

You opened peoples hearts;
an envelope of words
released into the world
for your spirit to live on
and the birds know every part
for it is their favourite song

4 thoughts on “Sweetest Nature – Jason’s Moor

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  1. I worked with Jason@Save the Children and we became good friends. Saw him a lot in town Truro where we had big hugs and chat. What a dear ❤ sweet man. I can’t believe I won’t see him again. He will live on in people’s hearts. R.i.p. dear Jason xxx

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  2. What was Jason???
    One of a kind.
    One of the nicest humans I’ve ever met.
    One perfect son.
    One perfect brother.
    One perfect uncle.
    One unique and beautiful man.
    And I for One will miss him terribly.
    Bev 🌻

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  3. Jason was such a beautiful person. So articulate and passionate. Yet so shy and sincere. I will miss his poems and his hands moving with grace as he spoke every work ❤️

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