Eyes Down

Mud stuck in the path he tread Walked on, each step like a gun to his head Closer to and further from the worn cliff edge Eyes down, to the foot of Beachy Head Found below in the grasses and the hard rock dry, He found himself between a harder rock and place Sinking in... Continue Reading →

Love me Tinder

I look into your eyes Until my battery dies And I know I know I was right to swipe right I charge my phone up Lie it on my pillow So you are by my side All day and all night Is this the beginning of Love? ...Or how house fires start? Either way I... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

You’ll learn to let things go You cut your hair and plan your route You sell your clothes and lock your room You learn to pack only what you need And leave the only town you know You’ll learn to let things go You'll learn to let things go You walk away From arguments, people... Continue Reading →

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