Red, Orange, Yellow

Sunlight glowing through the trees While I am somewhere in between the devil and the deep blue sea Somewhere in between but far enough to keep them blurred Just long enough to fill my head with something I must read I'll let you borrow my signed book, keep the things we need in reach I... Continue Reading →

Train Window

I’ve been having dreams darker than the night They found themselves in On waking I cannot rid them from my mind And I dread the dawn and the news it might bring On a train before midday I ran to the platform away from where they lay As the scenery takes me from where I... Continue Reading →

The Falcon

The falcon circles and can see it all but cannot do a thing Cannot reach the Earth we know; the everything and nothing Control is spinning out and folding inwards and the bird keeps on flying To think beyond our own limits is doubt entering into them To recognise our own limits is to hope... Continue Reading →

The Heart’s Power

The quietest hour is not silence The heart's power does not lay in science But in love Or out of luck It shouts so loud that no one listens Deny the day its beginning The ending is already written Stay in bed Scribbled notebooks land and out of tune keep on singing Clouded water like... Continue Reading →

Mighty Oak

From small acorns great oaks grow Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak On this wish tree I hang all my hope Every label is the same: Take the bad away and let him live again The strongest and oldest in the wood, it can even withstand lightning Carry its sticks close... Continue Reading →

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