Beauty Misery Art Truth Worlds Converge On You Past Present Future Tense Fact Fiction Believe Pretend Wake Scream Sleep Dream Worn Down Rock By Stream Flow You Over Throw Stay Go Guess Knowledge Break Ties Anchor Rope I Don’t Know Visit Travel Return Home Safe Holiday Music Sun Play All The Rest Night Day Stars... Continue Reading →

Universal Lie

This universal truth does not exist What’s true to you is just a myth You believe Don’t question what you perceive Because it’s what you see But it’s not real Just reality It’s tricked us all Victim to its trap We live in cages With no locks We are scared to go into the unknown... Continue Reading →

Too Difficult to Do or Too Easy to Say

Maybe this moment is the one we should live in Too difficult to do or too easy to say Modern life teaches us to take Everything but good advice The failure of language is my own failing Lost inside In feeling far too much and saying only that I do Some answers are worthy of... Continue Reading →


Sentimental Over old objects Placed onto new projects Interfering with the present Longing to forget What went unrecorded Depressed Mental Sentenced to inside Once you are labelled They will not believe you are not Run out and scream At the impossibility And stupidity You find yourself in And they tie you tighter ‘More evidence’ they... Continue Reading →

I Never Loved You Less

I get myself lost in you But in you I find myself He said he was afraid of living in fear She said she wanted to run away but was too scared to move and didn’t know where to Cut from the things that tie you down You’ve got everything then nothing else to lose... Continue Reading →

Neither the Time or Place

Unpress your palms It’s not the time or place It’s far too late So why do you pray When nothing could make him stay? Hold out your hands Give up your heart to them Separate your palms To let it fall again Palms up to the sky In asking why Waiting for something to land... Continue Reading →

The Strength of One

What is it to be? Verbal, or sticks and stones I’ll take you on, I’ll take it all As you have done You will not end what you have begun And I know I will need help, and I will give it too But this I do alone I have the strength of a thousand... Continue Reading →

Silence is Golden

Silver scratch card What are you? The number or the picture? The nail or coin? The side of a key… Or are you the door? Ignore me It’s the done thing Silence is golden Especially to thieves Promise to people or paper Promises to yourself always get broken Within a day Too easily done Unnoticed... Continue Reading →

Great Minds Think Alike

My mind is blown apart like dynamite You lit the spark which was to ignite Fragile mess And blueprint press I guarantee you a job Where the national minimum wage is met On all sides By cries Of being oppressed Inhibit the inhibitor Its role is overworked Bye bye to the distributor Who gives us... Continue Reading →

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