Great Minds Think Alike

My mind is blown apart like dynamite You lit the spark which was to ignite Fragile mess And blueprint press I guarantee you a job Where the national minimum wage is met On all sides By cries Of being oppressed Inhibit the inhibitor Its role is overworked Bye bye to the distributor Who gives us... Continue Reading →

Note to Self

I knew you before you knew yourself Saw the solutions As you fell Into traps set before my time All your own doing All in your mind As I walk with the night ripping as I turn days page Along the edge on the pavement I pace Bravely in fear I don’t avoid strangers, just... Continue Reading →


You didn’t get to see The way I tried to be like you but still be me The things I say about you when I speak so highly Before falling, crying where your shoulder should be Now I know there’s no going back, And even if we could It would not do us any good... Continue Reading →

Mutually Exclusive

I’m sorry I don’t have answers I ask the same as you do What the hell are we doing? Where are we running from or to? It’s not the knowing, Fulfilment I chase, Just the sense of being, At least a given taste There is no wrong if you don’t define right There is no... Continue Reading →

Everything and Nothing

If it doesn’t exist What is it? An idea of something else? You could not love yourself, I could not love you more I could not sleep for trying You could not smile for crying The difference is too close to see The light between the darkness that overlaps our minds You could not say... Continue Reading →

Goldfish Horizons

It’s dangerous to think I know What you’re really thinking, and have been all this time It’s stupid to think I know Anything at all Compared to the nothingness I recall Like a goldfish in a bowl There’s a plant… There’s a plant There’s a plant I’ve never seen before Collective imagination Multiplies I guess... Continue Reading →

Out of Superstition, into the Non-Fiction

How can one person be so many things? So cruel to be kind, at least that’s what it seems They make you think you’re to blame Can’t take the courage or the shame Still, you stay Thinking they’ll change The person inside is too well hidden You believe you’re the only one It comes out... Continue Reading →

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