Last Summer

I wanted to show you stretched out fields kept behind gates, To lean over them and lay within, hidden in an embrace Take you to the breaking of the day And spend the rest of it with you putting it all back together again I was going to take you far away To those places... Continue Reading →

Better Half

I’m growing weak I’m tired of trying To be someone I’m not And I’m weaker still When I’m in your arms I know that if he could have, He would have Been the one To make me be my better half He said I could be like Jekyll and Hyde And we know which was... Continue Reading →

North and South

Are we too tired to chase our dreams? To reach North then head South And run the pavement out of town Redwood trees and golden sands Us walking hand in hand Love is simple Notebooks with pencilled plans Practicing our first dance Love is feeling the same at the same time In wooden huts in... Continue Reading →

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