I Want You to Know

Your heart will break It will try to mend by loving more But will never fill back up But Love anyway Your hopes will all prove wrong Everything will be taken However much you’d give to make it stay Hope anyway Your dreams will change They will make way for reality They will be lost... Continue Reading →

Love Never Fades

Love In imperfection In daylight And in indifference Love With no regrets With no boundaries No doubt Love means there is no question For you know it is the answer Your heart speaks to its other It never gives up on you It patiently waits Love takes you back home Love never fades Love outlasts... Continue Reading →

Melting Hearts

You grabbed me and kissed me all over That was just the start Pulled me in closer Heart touching heart Our noses bumped together (You ripped off my sweater) And our lips knew nothing of the world But each other’s For a good ten minutes (A great ten minutes) Then without warning You threw your... Continue Reading →

Memory Foam Heart

You said you'd never forget me That your heart was like memory foam It held me safely in place I had to remind you That every time I leave Memory foam forgets my shape Forget my name Memory foam heart Forget my shape, Forget my form And when I am gone Forget what I said... Continue Reading →

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