Plastic Fantastic

Plastic fantastic Skin like elastic Wrinkle free For a fee Liposuction Fat reduction Reconstruction Restoration Dermabrasion Suck it out add it on Make it shorter make it long Buy one get one Offer now on Is this swelling or did it go wrong? Make it like it was before I'll come back and pay you... Continue Reading →

Parallel Lines Never Part

I know we can't ever meet up But we can't escape each other We share the places that we leave And have the same spaces in our hearts I like to think of parallel lines Not as those who never meet, But as those who never part

Best Before

I did not realise that friendship had an expiry date I will never know if it was me or you that had reached it But just so you know I would have done more Had I ever read that label      

The Couple

Part 1 When they argued they were like a broken toilet: He was full of crap and she wasn't going to let any shit go down   Part 2 She Was left with a broken heart He Was left with crumpled shirts   Part 3 She asked, should I take him back? A friend answered,... Continue Reading →

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