Blue Plaster

Stick a blue plaster on me Show that I am broken Bright against the coffee cup Read it like a label As a warning: do not touch! Show the world More care should have been taken To Cover up the cuts I made Hide behind my own mistakes I am mending For all the times... Continue Reading →


I fell in Love with a personI stayed in Love with false memoriesWhere he went I cannot tellMaybe he died in my heartPiece by pieceMaybe it held him too tightlyUntil he felt he couldn’t breathe Maybe I killed all the sweetness in himBy being my bitter selfMaybe I pushed him awayBecause he was giving me... Continue Reading →

Begin Again

You’ll learn to let things go You cut your hair and plan your route You sell your clothes and lock your room You learn to pack only what you need And leave the only town you know You’ll learn to let things go You'll learn to let things go You walk away From arguments, people... Continue Reading →

I Made You my World

You are my world And I will explain why; You are the kindness and patience I look for in the world And fail to find, You remind me good exists, You remind me how to Love And there is no greater gift than this

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