Our Pockets Are Deep Enough To Fill

The landscape turns beauty into a dying beast It howls at the open mouths of seas The keystone in an old archway Crumbles as we speak And there’s a big house on the top of the hill That looks smaller up close And the windows look unfinished Because they have no frames And we watch... Continue Reading →


Did you ever stop to think That I could be the one? Going through your life alone Using places as stepping stones I don’t know where you have gone Every corner may be new to you But you never go full circle You settle like dust Getting older by the day The world has changed... Continue Reading →

Now And Then

I’ve been to every corner Of every yellow pages Every number, every phone book Every corner of the world           To look           For you There’s still no answer, I’ve got no further, I’m not any closer I know the things that reach me Reach you too The things that meet my eyes Are what... Continue Reading →

Missing You Like Hell

I’m friends with them To keep in contact with you And the hardest thing I’ve had to do Was leaving that room To turn my back on where I wanted my future to be I want to put my palm to yours To stop you waving at me Reverse it so you’re waving hello Wish... Continue Reading →

Worlds Apart Kept At Arms Length

You say that you hold the cure When there is no cure at all You say you’ll steal from the rich to give to the poor Take what’s not needed until you can’t give any more You say that you once knew the way But forgot where you were going All roads lead to nowhere... Continue Reading →

My Eyes Are Running Out Of Things To Say

See the expression on my face My eyes are running out of things to say Trying to bridge the distance That is in the way I can’t show everything When you think there’s nothing there Come back to hold my hand I’m holding tightly to thin air You-Answer my questions about the world And I’ll... Continue Reading →

-3 I.D.

Come on, let’s go back And get what was forgotten It’s all gone now It’s old and rotten Trying to make a comeback From my memory But my mind is one-track And it’s playing constantly And it’s trying to be free     It’s the quiet ones you have to watch Like a hawk and... Continue Reading →

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