-3 I.D.

Come on, let’s go back And get what was forgotten It’s all gone now It’s old and rotten Trying to make a comeback From my memory But my mind is one-track And it’s playing constantly And it’s trying to be free     It’s the quiet ones you have to watch Like a hawk and... Continue Reading →

Black and Red

You wouldn’t want to get inside my head The things I’ve seen would leave you cold Don’t believe all I’ve heard, if truth be told If and when the day comes to talk of dress Walk that line we each must tread I’ll wear all black but my eyes are red     I’m signing... Continue Reading →

Broken Tree

Fight my way Against the strength of a tenth of a hurricane I’ll be picked up And dropped at the start again And I reach the fields With the old broken trees Split three times the size of me Splinters where a bench used to be And the old stone wall and railings torn The... Continue Reading →

White January

Clean-living girl In a messy world Who would have thought She doesn’t get to decide her future Her life consists of fragments                          other people have put in place Do you get the picture? She can only frame? Society has placed A weight on her shoulders Its hands around her neck A blank cheque For... Continue Reading →

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