Plastic Fantastic

Plastic fantastic

Skin like elastic

Wrinkle free

For a fee


Fat reduction




Suck it out add it on

Make it shorter make it long

Buy one get one

Offer now on

Is this swelling or did it go wrong?

Make it like it was before

I’ll come back and pay you more

Back sack and crack

Like a car up on a jack

It can’t relax it can’t contract

Can I keep it in a bag?

I’ve changed my mind can I have it back?

Three for two I’ll have a few

To make me new

Pluck it tuck it

Stretch it cut it

Hope you have enjoyed your stay

Come again another day

Are you happy with the Botox?

It’s hard to tell when you can’t move your face much

Now, how would you like to pay?




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