My Eyes Are Running Out Of Things To Say

See the expression on my face

My eyes are running out of things to say

Trying to bridge the distance

That is in the way

I can’t show everything

When you think there’s nothing there

Come back to hold my hand

I’m holding tightly to thin air

You-Answer my questions about the world

And I’ll protect you from it

You will mend me

Through your knowledge

For your heart

Has seen worse

You’ve felt its rough edges

The smooth barrel

The borders and the targets

If we can

We’ll build on no-mans land

And run, not away

But into the sunset hand in hand

Turn our backs on the past

Though I understand what you’ve been through

You never think the sun won’t rise

As the Earth holds it beyond the night

I want to hold you so you won’t go

There’s too much to see behind your eyes

You never think this smile will be the last

Now I have to say goodbye

And equally we lean

Together, on each other,

Two halves, two halves of a whole

Protect, defend

But it is such a distance

To fall

In my arms

In the end

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