Did you ever stop to think

That I could be the one?

Going through your life alone

Using places as stepping stones

I don’t know where you have gone

Every corner may be new to you

But you never go full circle

You settle like dust

Getting older by the day

The world has changed so much since you went away

But I guess you know ’cause you’ve seen it from all angles

You’ve seen the way the moonlight plays upon its face

You’ve sat and watched how the clouds form pictures to keep the birds entertained

You’ve noticed how the forests fold into the night

Hiding the unknown from outside eyes

You’ve walked where buildings have been torn down

In the hope of something new

There is only one way out

If you are searching for the truth

You see hope beyond the doubt

You’re finding answers to unasked questions

You’ve felt the heat of the sun on each grain of sand on each coastline

You draw the horizon while the mist gets in the way

And you collide with the waves to make the ocean talk

It tells its stories

And stores them inside shells

I sit and listen under the stars

They shine only for me

But I will share them with you

Wherever you are

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