The Strength of One

What is it to be?

Verbal, or sticks and stones

I’ll take you on, I’ll take it all

As you have done

You will not end what you have begun

And I know I will need help, and I will give it too

But this I do alone

I have the strength of a thousand people

Or of one who has loved

I don’t understand

Yet this has become clear

I see the things that happen, and when

But I can’t see where is next

And I would grab you by the wrist

If you do exist

And look you in the eye then watch you try

To tell me it makes sense

And deny me all my strength

It is as great as a thousand people

Or of one who has lost

Catch myself thinking it’s not real

Those first two seconds of morning

Before you start to feel

Just look over at the clock

Then remember in your eyes it has stopped

But I woke as numb

As each day since has begun

I knew something was wrong

And I stay awake as late as I can

To stop the nightmares of you being taken again and again

I had a silence that was a wordless prayer, tears spelt it out

But the silence carried on

And I plead to formless faces

I scream in ears that turn away

And I want to do the same

Until I have expelled some of this pain

But this I do alone

I had the strength of a thousand strong

Or of one who loves what has gone

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